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Full Service Grooming


Your pet will enjoy grooming in a controlled environment with aromatherapy, music and massage as part of every full service groom including bath and brush only dogs.   

We groom all breeds of dogs.  We clip to breed standards or custom clip to your instruction.  Yes, we groom cats, too.

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Lots of extras


Want special details?  We do that.

Want just nails and ears?  We do that.

Want de-shedding?  We do that.

Want fancy pom-poms?  We do that.

Want de-matting?  We do that.

Want odor neutralized?  We do that.

Want to freshen up without a bath? We can do that, too.

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Customer Testimonials

Our customers send photos of their happy dogs like this one!

Our customers often send photos of their pets at home chillin' after a visit to the doggie spa - like this one!

What's NEW?


Introducing Lauryn - a professional groomer/stylist, who will be working at Snippity full time starting July 1, 2018.  Lauryn brings a young, fresh style and years of experience in the field.  She embraces the gentle hands and kind heart motto and the one dog at a time method of grooming.



What days are you open?  We work entirely by appointment, but will work any day of the week most weeks.

Do you have evening appointments?  Generally no, but in some cases it can be arranged.

Which vaccines do you require?  We only require Rabies vaccine.

Can you groom blind, deaf dogs?  Yes.  We are experienced with animals with disabilities and health conditions.

Do you groom cats? Yes.  We groom cats.

About Us


One dog at a time - unless they are related.

Pets are groomed start to finish and checked out before next appointment in most cases.


It's a SPA after all - not a kennel!

No cage drying.  No cages EVER.  Each dog is hand-dried using the level of dryer best suited to your pet.  Massage, aromatherapy, music - all part of every groom.


Pets Love it here!

Sometimes the wagging tails get out of control. 

Grooming Price List Examples

* Full Standard Groom - Each pet is groomed one at a time, with undivided attention. Bath includes shampoo and conditioning with premium products suited to your pet's needs. Aromatherapy and music add to the experience of the bath massage. Drying is done by hand; no cage drying. Thorough brush-out and combing are completed to prepare for haircut. Nails are trimmed. Ears are cleaned. Ear plucking is done as needed/requested. Teeth are cleaned lightly. Feet pads and "PSST" area are trimmed short unless requested otherwise. Anal glands expressed if requested.


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We love our customers, so feel free to visit anytime.  Just give a call first to be sure someone will be there.  We are an appointment only shop.


901 Senoia Rd, Tyrone, Georgia 30290, United States

(770) 872-7733